Watt Electric to start building e-utility vehicles in 2023

Watt Electric to start building e-utility vehicles in 2023

Cornwall, UK-based Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) has unveiled plans to build up to 5,000 electric-powered commercial vehicles per year from 2023, using its PACES modular EV platform, which the company sees as the basis for future electric vans, trucks and buses.

The commercial vehicles will be built at a new plant in the Midlands from the third quarter of 2023, the company announced in a press release. Details such as pricing have not yet been released.

For production, the company is using the PACES (Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard) platform, which WEVC reported is flexible, scalable, lightweight and cost-effective, and can be used for almost any size or shape of electric vehicle, meeting all ISO regulations and European standards for low-volume type approval.

The platform is intended to be the basis for bespoke vans, trucks and buses for the last mile. The company plans to unveil the first prototype electric user vehicle based on PACES in the first quarter of 2022, and the project is funded by Innovate UK.

Alongside its existing plant in the Midlands, WEVC is planning a new EV factory in Cornwall to produce sports cars and electric vehicles from other brands, with the plant due to be built in 2023.