UK: Octopus Energy flotilla of 23 Peugeot e-Experts

UK: Octopus Energy flotilla of 23 Peugeot e-Experts

UK energy provider and charging network operator Octopus Energy is taking delivery of 23 e-Expert all-electric vans from Peugeot. The vehicles will be used in the company's service fleet to install charging stations in London.

The 23 electric vehicles will be the first in Octopus' Peugeot Expert diesel fleet. They are models in the e-Expert Standard Professional variant with the larger 75 kWh battery. The manufacturer puts the range at 205 miles according to WLTP (around 330 kilometres) and the payload at 1,226 kg. In the UK capital, the e-Expert offer the advantage of being allowed to drive through the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) without being charged.

The 23 examples were ordered through Peugeot franchisee Marshall in Cambridge and funded by FREE2MOVE Lease UK. In addition to Octopus Energy, associated gas and electricity supplier Smarter Metering Services has also ordered six e-Expert vans in the standard Professional specification with 75 kWh battery.

"Our 23 new Peugeot e-Expert vans ensure we are at the forefront of the drive to decarbonise our entire tech fleet," expresses John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services. "With our new vehicles, we will be able to install the next generation of clean energy products, including heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers and smart meters. This will help improve air quality in UK cities and reduce the country's overall emissions."

Incidentally, it was only in the spring that the British group announced a roaming agreement with the German joint venture Ionity. Ionity's HPC chargers in the UK and on the European mainland have since been connected to Octopus Energy's Electric Juice Network (EJN). And the roaming agreement is not the first collaboration between the two companies: all of Ionity's HPC chargers in the UK are powered by renewable energy from Octopus.