Togg produces first test specimens of the E-SUV

Togg produces first test specimens of the E-SUV

The budding Turkish electric car maker Togg has taken an important step on the road to series production, with the first test cars now rolling off the production line in the Gemlik industrial center southeast of Istanbul.

"At the beginning of November, we will have perfected the processes and then freeze them in this form," CEO Gürcan Karakas told Handelsblatt. "Then we will have our production line ready for series production." The first Togg model, an electric SUV, is expected to be launched at the end of the first quarter of 2023, after technical qualification and certification tests have been completed with European standards in mind.

At the moment, it is not yet a pre-series production, but still the manufacturing try-out. With the freezing announced by Karakas and the readiness of the manufacturing equipment for series production, one could then rather speak of a pre-series production.

A little later, Togg confirmed the information in substance via Twitter, saying, "We held our board meeting this month at our Gemlik facility where we started trial production," a tweet read.

According to earlier information, the E-SUV is to be launched in several variants. In terms of design variants, Togg distinguishes between a version for Western and Oriental tastes. In terms of technology, there are to be battery options for 300 and 500 kilometers of range, and a 147 kW rear-mounted engine and a 294 kW all-wheel drive with two engines are also planned.

Togg was founded in 2019 as a joint project between six major Turkish groups - with the aim of establishing its own Turkish carmaker. So far, Turkey has mainly produced vehicles and components for international brands.