Tesla to build five more Model Y variants in Shanghai

Tesla to build five more Model Y variants in Shanghai

Tesla has applied to the Chinese government to produce five more versions of the Model Y at the Shanghai Gigafactory, possibly involving larger batteries for the standard-range variants.

According to "Electrek", some of these versions could be exclusively for export, while others could be purely for the Chinese market. According to this, among the five variants applied for, there are two standard range models, one with an e-motor built in China (so probably for the domestic market) and a version with an imported motor that could be intended for export. However, these speculations have not been confirmed by the Chinese government or Tesla.

The five variants are given ranges of 525, 545, 594, 566, and 640 kilometers - though not measured in WLTP. It is not known whether this is the NEFT still used in China for a long time or the new CLTC (China light-duty vehicle test cycle). A comparison with the 505 kilometers according to WLTP for the long-range version and 480 kilometers for the performance model previously given in Europe is not permitted.

The two versions with 525 and 545 kilometers apparently have a LFP battery, their energy density is given with 126 Wh/kg. The version with 594 kilometers might already be a NCA battery, the energy density is 161 Wh/kg - however, the top speed is 217 km/h, as with the two LFP versions. The last two versions with 566 and 640 kilometers have a battery with 168 Wh/kg - however, the version with 566 kilometers is given with 250 km/h.

As "Electrek" speculates, the 594-kilometer model should be the Long Range AWD, the variant with 566 kilometers should be the performance model with the same battery. The fifth version with 640 kilometers "Electrek" believes to be a Long Range RWD - with the Model 3 Tesla had such a rear-wheel drive version with a large battery temporarily in the offer, but canceled before the start of exports to Europe again.

But this is not very likely: In the documents for all three versions with NCA battery two engines are specified. The engine at the front axle produces 137 kW in each case, the difference lies with the rear mounted engine: Here 180 kW, 220 kW and 194 kW are specified.