Tesla Semi currently no longer available for reservation

Tesla Semi currently no longer available for reservation

Tesla has updated the website for its e-truck, and while the option to reserve the Tesla Semi has been removed, at least for now, it now only talks about three electric motors instead of four.

The first examples of the Tesla Semi, first unveiled in November 2017, with the larger battery for 500 miles or 800 kilometers of range, are scheduled to be delivered this year after several delays, as Elon Musk recently stated on Twitter. The fact that Tesla is currently not accepting any more reservations could indicate that existing orders will be serviced first, if deliveries are indeed about to start.

Even when fully loaded with a total weight of 82,000 pounds (37.2 tons), fuel economy is said to be less than two kilowatt-hours per mile - that would be less than 1.25 kWh/km or 125 kWh/100 km. Although the powertrain system appears to have changed with the new specification of three engines instead of the previous four, the claim remains that a fully loaded semi should be able to accelerate to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 20 seconds. The vehicle is also said to be able to maintain highway speeds on steep inclines.

Tesla is still not giving any further details about the powertrain, such as the arrangement of the motors or the system power. The size of the battery is also not yet known. It remains that the vehicle should be able to go 500 miles, or a little over 800 kilometers, with the optional large battery.

Unfortunately, it's unclear whether the less than 2 kWh/mile consumption figure and the 500-mile range figure were determined on the same test cycle. If they were, it's very easy to calculate a battery size of 1,000 kWh. However, if the range figure was determined with the vehicle empty and the consumption figure was determined with the full 37.2 tons, this calculation is obviously invalid.