Switzerland: GOFAST establishes HPC sites at McDonald's

Switzerland: GOFAST establishes HPC sites at McDonald's

Swiss fast-charging provider Gotthard FASTcharge (GOFAST) is launching a project with McDonald's Switzerland to build charging infrastructure, equipping numerous drive-in restaurants to create nearly 90 new fast-charging locations by the end of 2022.

Construction will begin as early as this month with the first five sites in Martigny, La Tour-de-Trême, Lugano, Kölliken and Hinwil. On site, GOFAST will install charging infrastructure with a capacity of up to 150 kW. The devices will emit only "Swiss electricity from renewable sources", according to the partners. For GOFAST, the cooperation with McDonald's offers the opportunity to implement fast-charging sites in prime traffic locations throughout Switzerland and thus further consolidate its nationwide HPC network.

The expansion of the charging infrastructure at McDonald's is to take place in several stages by the end of 2022, starting on Friday with the opening of the largest McDonald's restaurant in Switzerland at the Martigny motorway exit, which boasts six charging points. "For years, we at McDonald's have been working together to protect the environment. For example, our logistics partner runs on biodiesel and biogas produced from our kitchen waste. We rely on the train as a means of transport, on hydropower for electricity and now increasingly on fast charging stations for our guests. This allows us to combine the most delicious recharging break with environmental management," says Aglaë Strachwitz, Managing Director of McDonald's Switzerland.

GOFAST CEO Dominic Lanz adds that the next generation of e-car drivers expects a convenient and smooth charging experience at attractive locations. "With McDonald's Switzerland, we have found an ideal partner for the further expansion of our GOFAST charging parks. While the car is charging outside, you can eat at McDonald's at the same time. And after 20 to 30 minutes, the journey can already continue again."

GOFAST is aiming to have the largest HPC network in Switzerland, with 20 sites alone to be built at Swiss rest areas, as in March 2019 the company was awarded the contract to implement fast charging stations at 100 Swiss rest areas, alongside three other Swiss providers and one from the Netherlands. One of the largest HPC parks in Switzerland at present also comes from GOFAST: a site with 20 charging points and up to 300 kW charging power was opened at the Würenlos rest area a year ago.gofast.swiss, de.mcdonalds.gofast.swiss