Spain: Cabify relies on Mobilize sedan

Spain: Cabify relies on Mobilize sedan

The first fleet of the electric sedan presented by Renault's Mobilize brand last year will be used by Spanish ride-hailing company Cabify in Madrid, initially involving 40 vehicles.

Mobilize says that under the agreement between Mobilize and Cabify, 40 examples of the Mobilize Limo will be integrated into the fleet of Vecttor, a Madrid-based subsidiary of the Cabify Group. The e-limo comes with a WLTP range of 450 kilometres and has been optimised for ride-hailing use.

The Spanish company will become the world's first customer of Mobilize Driver Solutions, according to the Renault subsidiary, which is a special all-in-one offer for companies in the passenger transport industry that aims to make the costs of purchasing and using vehicles more transparent.

"With Mobilize Driver Solutions, we aim to provide one-stop solutions that make life easier for passenger transportation professionals," said Fedra Ribeiro, COO of Mobilize. "The upcoming launch of our vehicles in Madrid, then Paris, is our way of helping providers with innovative, integrated solutions that promote green mobility."

The 4.67-meter electric sedan will be offered in the "Cabify Eco" category, which is aimed at business customers. Only electrified vehicles are included in this category. In addition, the Mobilize sedan will also be available for private customers.

For Cabify and Vecttor, respectively, the 40 vehicles from Mobilize are only a small part of the overall plan for their own fleet: in mid-May, the company had announced its intention to purchase a total of 1,400 electric cars in Spain, so Mobilize could be in for more orders.