Siemens presents HPC column with up to 300 kW

Siemens presents HPC column with up to 300 kW

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has unveiled its new Sicharge D fast charging station. The station is optimized for public charging and is designed to ensure low operating costs with high power throughput thanks to its high efficiency.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure calls the Sicharge D "one of the most efficient DC charging stations on the market," with peak efficiency reported at 96 percent, while constant efficiency is said to be 95.5 percent, according to the release.

A scalable charging power of up to 300 kW is possible; this power is to be dynamically distributed between the charging points. The charging station already supports voltages between 150 and 1,000 volts and charging currents of up to 1,000 amperes at all DC charging connections.

No vehicle on the market can currently handle charging currents of 1,000 amperes, and the charging cables at the charging stations are often designed for 500 amperes. Siemens states that the charging station is designed to keep pace with future technological developments, i.e., if new liquid-cooled cables and, above all, corresponding vehicles come onto the market, it should be possible to retrofit them easily-but the station itself does not have to be replaced.

"Thanks to the upgrade options and dynamic charging, the Sicharge D represents a major step towards the e-mobility of the future," says Birgit Dargel, Global Head Future Grids at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. "This prepares our customers for all eventualities of e-mobility, be it a greater number of charging options or higher charging speeds."