Siemens introduces e-service car changeover at the click of a button

Siemens introduces e-service car changeover at the click of a button

Siemens is launching a new, digital company car fleet model for senior executives from January 2022. To this end, the company is cooperating with Sixt. The aim of the technology group is to expand access to environmentally friendly drive types and thus provide an additional incentive to use electric vehicles.

The idea behind the new model is that employees no longer have to commit to a fixed company car, but can drive a specific electric or hybrid vehicle at any time as needed. With the help of an app, they will be able to change company cars independently with just a few clicks and pick them up at a pre-selected Sixt station at the agreed time. The entire process can be carried out digitally and contactless.

A pilot phase of the new fleet model is currently underway, and it is expected to be available throughout Germany starting next year. The company car fleet for Siemens executives currently comprises around 1,500 vehicles. Participation in the new model is voluntary - and the classic model with a commitment to a specific vehicle over a leasing period of three years will continue to be available for the time being.

But those who opt for the new company car fleet model will enjoy unprecedented flexibility, according to Siemens. The contract period for participation is one year, during which employees can switch their current vehicle for another at any time with 48 hours' notice. The costs are linked to the CO emissions of the vehicle selected in each case. In addition, users of the new model receive incentives in the form of an increased mobility allowance. The new model also offers the option of dispensing with a company car altogether. No fees are charged during a break.

Corona accelerates change in needs

"For a climate-neutral future, additional innovative solutions for alternative fleet concepts in particular are an important success factor," expresses Thorsten Eicke, Head of Global Mobility Management at Siemens. "In this context, the new fleet model and the associated app fit perfectly into our strategy of decisively increasing the use of electric and hybrid vehicles and converting completely by 2030."

As a reason for the need for greater flexibility, Siemens cites the fact that over the course of the past few years, circumstances have changed fundamentally, particularly as a result of new digital possibilities, and with them the requirements for a company car model. The Corona pandemic has further accelerated this change, according to the company's headquarters: "Instead of on-site customer appointments, there is more emphasis on virtual communication. As a result, the number of car trips has also been reduced or limited to city trips."

Siemens has launched the new concept together with Sixt, which has named the offer "SIXT Longterm Flex" and included it in its product portfolio as an "innovative and sustainable mobility solution". Siemens is thus both a co-developer and the first customer. Sixt emphasises above all that the model modernises corporate mobility and at the same time reduces costs, as they are only incurred according to actual use ("pay as you use"). And: the short running times of the vehicles mean that workshop visits and tyre change appointments are no longer necessary. "The user can therefore expect a genuine all-round carefree package for the efficient and innovative use of electromobility," says the car rental company.

"Siemens has been a valued partner of Sixt for many years and together we have already implemented several innovative mobility projects," emphasizes Vinzenz Pflanz, President Corporate Sales at Sixt. "With the SIXT Longterm Flex product, electric mobility becomes an easy-to-use mobility alternative and we enable our business customers to have a modern, adaptable and sustainable fleet. In addition, we close the gap between short-term rental and long-term solutions." He adds that Sixt's premium fleet offers access to the latest models with up-to-date equipment and technology.