Polestar 3: Premiere in October 2022

Polestar 3: Premiere in October 2022

Electric car maker Polestar has revealed an undisguised image of its first SUV model Polestar 3 for the first time, announcing its world premiere along with an order launch date of October 2022. However, Polestar is still being sparse with further info.

For instance, the latest announcement states that the Polestar 3 will be equipped with a dual-motor powertrain and a large battery at launch to achieve a WLTP range of over 600 kilometers. However, Polestar had already mentioned this target range in September 2021. At the time, however, it was still said that the e-SUV would receive powertrains with one or two e-motors - so now it is clear that, as with the Polestar 2, the all-wheel-drive variant will be available first. There are no details about the powertrain performance, charging power or battery size.

To that end, the Swedish-Chinese automaker confirms that the Polestar 3, with lidar sensors from Luminar and Nvidia computers, will also enable autonomous driving on the highway "in due course."

The rendering of the unwrapped car that has now been released shows the Polestar 3 from the side. The LED headlamps appear to be in the style of the Precept study (which will go into production as the Polestar 5), so they are narrow LED strips in a T-shape. The front end is really tall and steep, but there are air vents on the front hood - so the mighty front will have some form of air flowing through it. It's not clear from the image whether there is a frunk under the front hood. Back in December 2021, Polestar released a shot of a wrapped prototype - at the time from an angled front.

Further back on the car, the side line rises sharply in the area of the rear doors, resulting in a very wide D-pillar. The rear is dominated by a massive roof spoiler. The roofline drops a bit, but not as much as on an SUV coupe. The roof spoiler seems to divide the rear window into two areas - a very flat area at the end of the roof and a steeper part below the roof spoiler. However, what helps aerodynamics might be less beneficial to rear visibility here. It's already confirmed that the Polestar 3 won't get a third row of seats - but its technically related sister model as the successor to the Volvo XC90 will.