Olymp Cars wants to build electric vehicles on its own platform

Olymp Cars wants to build electric vehicles on its own platform

A new electric car brand has been announced in the form of Olymp Cars. The Vienna-based company is planning a range of vehicles based on its own platform called Hephaistos, with model names taken from Greek mythology. According to media reports, the first vehicles will be unveiled in spring 2023.

According to information on the company's website, it will probably start with the Hermes e-transporter, which is expected to offer a range of 700 kilometers. Production of this model is scheduled to start in mid-2023, writes "motor.at", which spoke to one of the co-founders. Also planned are the 4.80-meter-long Ares e-SUV with a range of at least 600 kilometers, the Apollon and Athena sedans including a shooting-brake offshoot, the Artemis e-pickup, the Hera electric family van and an e-city car called Selene. Later, the models are also expected to be hydrogen-powered. So far, there is only a rendering of the Ares SUV.

The Hephaistos platform is reportedly scalable and can accommodate different battery sizes, ranging from 450 to 700 kilometers of range and up to 257 kW of power (original spec: 350 hp), the report adds.

According to "motor.at", the company is backed by abo-drive and Modern Mobility. "Above all, we want to offer our customers affordable and affordable electric cars that are made with German or Austrian quality," Elias Skodras is quoted as saying. The CEO of Modern Mobility explains that Olymp Cars is not a carmaker, but they have taken the development of the vehicles into their own hands - with the help of appropriate experts. The designer has already worked for Volvo and Porsche. The company wants to be European, but the batteries come from China, they continue.

For the production of the van, the company already has a partner in Germany in sight, for the small one one in Italy and the Ares is to be built in Austria if possible - but Olymp does not name the potential contract manufacturers. With regard to sales, the company is considering a subscription model, direct sales and also leasing models. In addition, a second-life use of the vehicles is planned.