Norway: 8,445 new electric cars in May

Norway: 8,445 new electric cars in May

In Norway, 8,445 new electric cars were registered in May, accounting for 73.2 percent of all new passenger car registrations for the month. In addition, 1,375 new plug-in hybrids were registered in May. The VW ID.4 topped the model rankings in Norway in May with 915 registrations.

With the 8,445 new electric cars, registrations in Norway in May 2022 were slightly higher than April's 7,207 new e-cars and relatively close to the level of May 2021, when 8,498 new electric cars were registered in Norway. From May 2020 to May 2021, the increase was still 146.6 percent, but now it was a decrease of 0.6 percent over the year.

The big difference from May 2021 is in plug-in hybrids: a year ago, 3,221 PHEVs were newly registered, compared to just 1,375 in May 2022. Of course, these numbers should be viewed in light of the overall market and current supply constraints.

Across all drive types, 11,537 new passenger cars were registered in Norway in May, down 2,526 vehicles or 18 percent. Consequently, the E share in May is 73.2 percent (up from 60 percent in May 2021). Plug-in hybrids still come in at 11.9 percent instead of 22 percent. While overall registrations are down 15.6 percent this year, zero-emission cars are up 21.7 percent.

The plug-in hybrid and non-rechargeable hybrid segments (as full hybrids are referred to in Norwegian statistics) continued to shrink in the Mau, but at -58.3 percent (PHEV) and -26.4 percent (HEV) respectively, the declines were smaller than in the current year, where PHEV registrations are down 72.7 percent and HEV registrations are down 41.2 percent. So the overall shrinking market (probably primarily due to supply constraints) continues to shift toward BEVs.