Norway: 11,722 new electric cars in June

Norway: 11,722 new electric cars in June

In Norway, 11,722 new electric cars were registered in June, accounting for 78.7 percent of all new passenger car registrations for the month, in addition to 1,669 new plug-in hybrids. The Tesla Model Y topped the model rankings in June with 2,533 registrations.

With the 11,722 new electric cars, June 2022 represents a significant increase in new registrations compared to May with its 8,445 new electric cars - however, compared to the same month last year, it is a decrease: in June 2021, 13,184 new electric cars were still registered in Norway - so June 2022 represents a decrease of 11.1 percent.

But: the current E registrations should also be seen in the context of global supply chain issues and the declining overall market: despite the higher total number of electric cars, the share among all new passenger car registrations in June 2021 was only 64.6 percent, compared to 78.7 percent in June 2022, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. With 14,901 passenger cars across all drive types, 26.9 percent fewer cars were registered in Norway this June than a year ago.

In the current year, 54,177 zero-emission passenger cars were newly registered in Norway, an increase of 12.7 percent despite the aforementioned supply chain problems and the 18.4 percent decline in the overall market during this period.

In addition to the pure e-cars - the Norwegian authority OFV does not differentiate between BEV and FCEV here, but the fuel cell cars only come to small shares - there were 1,669 plug-in hybrids in June. Compared to the same month last year, this is a decrease of 59.7 percent, in the current year (6,364 new PHEV) the minus is 70.1 percent.