Nissan to build charging points at over 600 dealers in Europe

Nissan to build charging points at over 600 dealers in Europe

Japanese carmaker Nissan will significantly expand the charging infrastructure at its dealerships in Europe through two collaborations. Allego will install DC chargers at Nissan dealerships in 16 countries for this purpose, but Nissan sales companies in Germany and the UK are going their own ways.

Nissan says that by 2024, 70 percent of its partner operations - that is, dealerships and garages - will have combined CCS and CHAdeMO charging stations, for which it has entered into two collaborations to build the infrastructure in 18 countries.

In Germany and the U.K., Allego will not be the charging partner, but E.ON. Both E.ON and Allego are to set up DC charging points with 50 kW and 24 kW. The German announcement specifies that these will be chargers from ABB - the charging points with the unusual 24 kW are likely to be ABB's DC Wallbox, which is available with CCS and CHAdeMO. However, the E.ON cooperation includes an important addition: Alpitronic Hyperchargers with up to 150 kW charging power will also be set up at dealers as an option.

The latter is important because the upcoming Ariya e-SUV will support DC charging powers of up to 130 kW, so at dealer charging points in the 16 other countries, this vehicle will have to charge for significantly longer. However, a split between CCS and CHAdeMO charging points was expected: the Nissan Leaf still uses the CHAdeMO standard, as we all know. Nissan will only switch to the CCS standard in Europe with the upcoming Ariya e-SUV based on the CMF-EV platform. The announced Townstar van will also use CCS, unlike its e-NV200 predecessor.

The charging points will not only be available to Nissan customers, but can also be used regardless of make and charging power, according to Nissan. The charging points will be connected to roaming offers via Hubject and can thus be used with a number of charging services. Direct payment by credit card or QR_Code will also be possible. The charging prices will be determined by the dealer - Nissan customers will receive special conditions via the Nissan Charge app.