NEV sales in China increase significantly

NEV sales in China increase significantly

Sales of New Energy Vehicles hit a new high for the year in November, with 429,000 NEVs sold in the previous month, significantly surpassing the previous record set in October (368,000 vehicles).

The NEV market share - which in China includes PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs - was thus 20.8 percent of the total passenger car market in November. For comparison: In the current year from January to the end of November, the share is 13.9 percent. After a weak start to the year (only 100,000 sales in February), registrations have increased steadily since May.

Within NEVs, the split between BEVs and PHEVs remains almost constant, with 85,000 PHEVs for every 343,000 BEVs, roughly an 80:20 split. Of the 429,000 units sold in November, 378,000 were passenger cars and consequently around 51,000 were commercial vehicles. In the current year, 2.154 million NEVs have been sold, an increase of 178 percent compared to the 2020 period.

When it comes to manufacturers, the usual picture remains: BYD leads the New Energy Vehicles with 90,121 sales, up 252.7 percent compared to November 2020, according to the manufacturer. However, 2020 was relatively weak in China. BYD is doing much better in 2021: in the current year, the manufacturer has already reached the half-million sales mark with 500,922 units. The flagship Han sedan (as a PHEV and BEV) accounts for 140,000 of these vehicles, with 12,841 Han added in November (including 10,021 Han EV). In addition, the November figures include the first 8,808 EA1, i.e. the e-small car on the new 800-volt platform.

However, since BYD's numbers also include numerous plug-in hybrids (such as the Tang DM-i SUV), Tesla is ahead in the BEV-only numbers. At 52,859 units, the numbers are down slightly for the third month in a row (down from 56,006 vehicles in September), but remain at a high level - 145 percent above the November 2020 figure. Of the 52,859 vehicles, 21,127 were exported, so 31,732 Model 3 and Model Y were sold in China. Separate build numbers for the two models, or even engine counts, are not currently available.