Mercedes triples e-car sales in Q1

Mercedes triples e-car sales in Q1

Mercedes-Benz increased its sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids by 37 percent to 67,800 units in the first quarter of 2022, with sales of the all-electric EQ models more than tripling to 21,900 (+210 percent).

Plug-in hybrids achieved their best first quarter ever, growing by eight per cent to 45,900 vehicles - although they make up the much larger proportion of xEV sales, growth was much lower for plug-in hybrids. In the same period last year, Mercedes-Benz sold only around 3,475 fewer PHEVs than in 2022 - but the manufacturer saw an increase of around 14,800 units in BEVs.

Overall, BEVs (incl. Smart) and PHEVs now account for 15 percent of new car sales worldwide at Mercedes-Benz Cars. In Europe, one in three passenger cars sold by Mercedes-Benz was electrified.

With a growth of 210 percent compared to Q1 2021, Mercedes has grown more than rival BMW, but the Munich-based company, which published its sales figures for the opening quarter on the same day, is ahead in absolute terms: the BMW Group delivered 35,289 BEVs between the beginning of January and the end of March, which is "only" an increase of 149.2 percent.

A comparison of plug-in hybrids is not possible, as BMW did not list them separately in its press release. That leaves a look at the BEV shares: at BMW, 5.9 percent of all deliveries in the first quarter were purely electric, at Mercedes it was 4.3 percent.