McLaren relies on Formula E powertrains from Nissan

McLaren relies on Formula E powertrains from Nissan

Following McLaren Racing's recent announcement of its entry into Formula E for the upcoming season, McLaren Racing has now entered into a long-term partnership with Nissan, which will see Nissan supply the e-drives for the entire Gen3 era of Formula E to the British team.

Nissan will also compete in Formula E under its own name in the Gen3 era up to and including 2026 after acquiring the e.dams racing team, so McLaren is a customer team for the Japanese.

Formula E presented the Gen3 race car at the end of April. The drive power increases to 350 kW in qualifying mode and 300 kW in the race - the rear drive unit continues to be developed by the manufacturers. A new feature of the Gen3 is a 250 kW unit front motor. However, this is only used for recuperation. The vehicles can thus recover energy with up to 600 kW - due to the strong recuperation, disc brakes are no longer installed on the rear axle, where only electric braking is used.

As announced during the Berlin ePrix, McLaren will take over the two starting positions and parts of the team from the Mercedes EQ team, which is withdrawing at the end of this season. As the Gen3 race cars will also feature completely new powertrains, the Mercedes powertrains will not continue to be used - the Andretti team, for example, is currently still racing with BMW power units, although the Munich-based company is no longer represented at the factory.

Nissan also has high hopes for the Gen3 powertrains. After nine races in the current season, the Japanese are only in 8th place in the team standings with 13 points - leader Mercedes has already scored 186 points.