Liontron: Camper supplies power to e-car carried along

Liontron: Camper supplies power to e-car carried along

At the Caravan Salon 2021 in Düsseldorf, the battery manufacturer Liontron, which is based in NRW, will be showing a motorhome that is capable of autonomously supplying a Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio carried on a trailer with charging power while driving or when stationary.

The all-electric Smart is charged either while driving via the camper's alternator or while stationary via the solar system. With this setup, camping fans should be able to cope with stays without a shore power connection.

"The vehicle team becomes the ultimate all-round package with the certainty of not having to look for public charging stations or other power supplies at the destination and not having to expect any costs for charging. Of course, e-bikes, electric scooters and co. can also be charged via the SchuKo plug," Liontron informs us. The company from Nettetal specialises in lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Let's move on to the technical structure of the vehicle: According to Liontron, the charging infrastructure of the standard camper has, in addition to the factory alternator, two charging boosters with 30 A each, two LiFePO4 batteries with a combined capacity of 400 Ah and an inverter that supplies the Smart with a constant charging power of up to 4 kW. When the vehicle is parked on the pitch or campsite, shade-resistant solar panels with a total output of 1,100 Wp supply the vehicle with solar energy. The realistic yield of the installed solar modules is usually between 700 and 800 watts - sufficient energy to recharge the discharged lithium-ion battery with 17.6 kWh, which is located in the Smart, in about 4.5 hours, according to an accompanying press release.

The Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio has a weight of 1,126 kg and stands on a universal trailer made of aluminium from Schultes Metallverarbeitung, which weighs 250 kg. "With a combined weight of 1376 kg, the Smart and trailer remain well below the permissible total weight of 1500 kg for towing capacity, which applies to many motorhomes," according to Liontron.