GP Joule secures up to 5,000 H2 trucks from Clean Logistics

GP Joule secures up to 5,000 H2 trucks from Clean Logistics

Clean Logistics has signed a framework agreement with GP Joule for the supply of 5,000 40-tonne hydrogen-electric trucks. The vehicles are scheduled to be handed over between 2023 and 2027. The total volume of the agreement is in the low single-digit billion euro range.

The company expects to deliver the first pre-production vehicles from the end of the third quarter of 2023. The exact timing will depend on when expected funding is approved, the company explained in a statement. Annual delivery volumes have been agreed thereafter, but Clean Logistics did not provide details. "Details of delivery terms and maintenance contracts are still to be agreed," it said.

With the planned delivery, the Hamburg-based company will further expand its business activities. In addition to the existing main business field, the conversion of buses and trucks from fossil combustion engine propulsion to hydrogen propulsion, Clean Logistics will in future also build new vehicles, the trucks now ordered being the first. Clean Logistics will use heavy tractor units without driveline and equip them with fuel cell, battery and hydrogen tank systems as well as the specially developed axle with wheel hub electric motors and the special control system HyBoss.

As reported, the company recently took a first step towards the production of new vehicles with the takeover of the Dutch truck manufacturer GINAF. Clean Logistics sees itself "excellently positioned to significantly ramp up the independent production of trucks and buses with zero-emission hydrogen drive within the group of companies", according to the current announcement. This is because the takeover of GINAF means that the company has a group company with the status of an independent producer with the corresponding registration requirements for its own vehicles in Europe.

"This contract to supply 5,000 trucks represents a significant milestone in the decarbonisation of heavy haulage, and is the largest contract of its kind in the world," commented Dirk Graszt, CEO of Clean Logistics, on the new framework agreement. "Together with our partner GP Joule, we will ensure that hydrogen-powered trucks will soon be an everyday part of road transport."