Gordon Murray plans e-platform for small cars and vans

Gordon Murray plans e-platform for small cars and vans

Gordon Murray Group has announced plans to develop its own electric car platform for small cars and vans, as part of a now-announced £300 million investment plan over the next five years.

The investment plan, which is the equivalent of around €350 million, aims to position the company for the future - and that includes electric vehicles for urban use. A new Gordon Murray Group global headquarters and technology campus in Windlesham is due to be built from July this year, with the first part scheduled to open in 2022 and the whole project completed in 2024.

"The future of the automobile is increasingly electrified and it is important that we develop the lightest, most efficient and advanced electric vehicles in the world," said company founder Gordon Murray, according to his company's release, adding that work is already underway and that more news on "our exciting all-electric platform" will be released soon.

Murray gave a few more details to Autocar magazine, saying that the Gordon Murray Design division will develop a "highly flexible skateboard platform" and that the first vehicles will be in the B-segment, with a small SUV (primarily for private customers) and a compact van for commercial use.

The SUV is expected to be less than four metres long, according to Murray, which would make it comparable to small e-cars like the VW e-Up, but Murray stresses the utility of his vehicle, saying it will be "more of a practical small car than a small city car".