Free Now aims to offer only e-driving by 2030

Free Now aims to offer only e-driving by 2030

BMW and Daimler's Free Now mobility platform aims to achieve climate neutrality in all key European markets by 2030 and is providing more than €100 million in resources over the next five years to support the shift towards e-mobility.

As an interim goal, Free Now plans to offer at least 50 percent all-electric trips by 2025, with 100 percent already offered in the U.K. By 2030, all of the mobility provider's trips in Europe will be electric, according to the announcement. As a reminder, the U.K. plans to stop allowing new internal combustion vehicles by 2030 - so Free Now wants to move faster than the political mandate.

Free Now was created in 2019 when the Daimler Group and the BMW Group (each still under the leadership of Dieter Zetsche and Harald Krüger) merged their mobility services. Free Now is the former MyTaxi, i.e. a ride-hailer established in Europe and Latin America, which can be used to organise trips by taxi, with private hire car drivers or e-scooters via an app. The two car-sharing services Car2Go and Drive Now were merged under the title Share Now. However, the plan for climate neutrality now announced is only about the ride-hailer Free Now, not the car-sharing services.

According to the "Hamburger Abendblatt", the Hanseatic city is planning a subsidy program for the electrification of the taxi fleet. The concept of how Hamburg intends to support the approximately 2,000 taxi companies in the purchase of electric cars is expected to be presented this month or in February. However, until that happens, Free Now is first launching its own subsidy program: "Free Now will pay Hamburg taxi companies about 2,400 euros in subsidies for the purchase of an electric car starting in January," Alexander Mönch, head of Germany for the mediation platform based in the Hanseatic city, announced to the "Hamburger Abendblatt" in December. The prerequisite for the payment is that the Free Now logo is emblazoned on the new e-taxi.

By October, the Hanseatic city, Free Now and other partners want to put around 100 e-taxis on the road. Concrete contents of the program are not yet mentioned, however, according to Free Now, the first talks are currently underway. In Hamburg, however, the service, which as mentioned belongs to Daimler and BMW, also procured 60 Tesla Model 3s a year ago. The important thing here is that the service does not procure the Tesla electric vehicles on its own. "We remain a ride broker," says Free Now.