Fiat apparently considering comeback of Panda as electric model family

Fiat apparently considering comeback of Panda as electric model family

Fiat may be bringing back the Panda as a model family as part of its plan to become an all-electric car brand by 2030, with a subcompact, SUV and possibly other variants also planned to be offered with electric powertrains in the next five years, according to a British media report.

The models are to be based on the Centoventi Concept, which Fiat had presented in 2019 as a preview of a low-cost e-mobile. In 2020, it was revealed that Fiat plans to put the Concept Centoventi into production.

As Olivier Francois, CEO of the Fiat brand, tells Auto Express magazine, the Italians' future electric model range is to be based on two pillars: a model family based around the electric 500, which is to be positioned as a "style-oriented" offering, while the second model family, based on the Centoventi, is to forgo curved styling with a consistent focus on practicality.

The Fiat boss did not confirm details of the planned models, which, according to Auto Express, will be "low-cost with a similarly ruthless focus on production costs and the same rugged character as the original 1980s Panda". So far, its planned a B-segment "supermini" and a small SUV, with more models on the way, he said.

The Stellantis manager became a bit more talkative when it came to possible model names. "What's certain is that now I have the option of inventing a new name or going back to a fabled name from the past," Francois said. "I'm leaning more towards the second one because we really have these favorable templates, with a lot of satisfied customers." The Fiat boss left open the question of whether a practical B-segment e-model could become a new Punto or a "Super Panda" (quote Francois).