E.On to build 2,000 Alpitronic HPCs by the end of 2024

E.On to build 2,000 Alpitronic HPCs by the end of 2024

Energy company E.On has announced a pan-European investment to build 2,000 new HPC charging stations by the end of 2024, joining forces with charging station manufacturer Alpitronic.

By 2026, E.On plans to build a total of around 5,000 new fast-charging points of its own, according to the Essen-based company. Both the expansion of existing locations and the construction of completely new stations for public charging and for E.On's business customers are planned.

Alpitronic fast-charging stations with outputs of between 150 and 300 kW, i.e. the Hypercharger HYC150 (with 1x 150 kW or 2x 75 kW) and the Hypercharger HYC300, will be used, as will the new HYC400 with outputs of up to 400 kW and the HYC50, the first wall-mountable 50 kW charger, which will be available to E.On customers in the future.

In addition, E.On and Alpitronic want to further improve the customer experience at the charging station, according to the statement. The focus is on the technical optimization of the interaction between vehicle, fast charging station and billing system as well as Plug&Charge. In order to further optimize operations and relieve the strain on the grids, solutions for smart charging are also to be advanced - for example, the companies want to investigate the potential of intelligent load management in conjunction with time-variable electricity tariffs.

Announcements of E.On and Alpitronic's plans so far have focused on car charging, but the two partners also want to collaborate on the introduction of charging solutions for heavy commercial vehicles, for example for future megawatt charging. The first pilot sites with fast-charging infrastructure for trucks are to be built at several locations in Europe by 2024, but details are not yet known.