Enel X provides charging solution for Vestas corporate sites

Enel X provides charging solution for Vestas corporate sites

Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has contracted Enel X to supply the charging infrastructure for the electrification of its corporate fleet in the 15 major markets of Europe and the Americas, with Enel X providing Vestas with its cloud-based charging platform and 370 chargers.

Vestas has ordered both JuiceBox and JuicePole chargers from Enel X. The former are mobile AC chargers and the latter are AC units that can charge two vehicles simultaneously via an RFID card or app. The partners did not say how large the fleet that will charge at this charging infrastructure in the future will be. Vestas says it has installed more than 122 GW of wind turbines in 82 countries in recent years, of which more than 108 GW are currently in operation. The Denmark-based company has more than 25,500 employees worldwide.

According to the group, the cooperation with Enel X is an important step towards the goal of phasing out all internal combustion vehicles in the company's fleet by 2025. Vestas has also committed to operating in a carbon-neutral manner by 2030 - without the aid of offsets.

"If the energy transition is to succeed around the world, industry leaders have a responsibility to implement the transformation we seek," says Vestas CEO Anders Nielsen. "One of our key goals at Vestas is to enable more sustainable energy systems by supporting the increased use of renewables beyond the power sector and into the transportation sector. By joining forces with Enel X, we can proudly demonstrate the effect in our own global footprint and help pave the way for a more sustainable future."

In addition to the development of charging infrastructure at Vestas in said 15 markets, both companies also want to work together on innovative solutions for the energy transition. Cooperation in the areas of e-mobility, grid integration and sector coupling are to be discussed in particular.vestas.com, enelx.com