Ekoenergetyka builds 17 depot loaders in Aachen

Ekoenergetyka builds 17 depot loaders in Aachen

The Polish charging infrastructure provider Ekoenergetyka has installed 17 depot charging stations for electric buses with a capacity of 75 kW each for Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG (ASEAG), with a further ten of these charging stations to follow in mid-2021.

The background to the charging infrastructure installation is the procurement of 27 Mercedes eCitaro by ASEAG. ASEAG has opted for the maximum possible number of battery modules. The eCitaro in two-door design thus come to 292 kWh each.

The large battery also explains why ASEAG opted for depot chargers with a relatively low charging power for electric buses: the battery charge should be sufficient for a whole day, so charging only needs to take place overnight - and not with significantly higher charging power on the route or during breaks in operation in the depot.

Initially, the Aachen-based company had ordered the 17 charging stations now inaugurated, but with an option for further charging points. Based on this agreement, the ten stations that are now to follow by the middle of the year were subsequently reordered.

"Another project implemented on the - quite demanding - German market confirms the strong position of our company on the international market and the confidence of our partners," says Maciej Wojeński, Vice President of the Management Board of Ekoenergetyka.ekoenergetyka.com.pl