Daimler to introduce only electric platforms from 2025 onwards

Daimler to introduce only electric platforms from 2025 onwards

Daimler has unveiled its updated plans for the upcoming shift to electric mobility at an investor day, with the goal of Mercedes-Benz preparing to go fully electric before the end of the decade with new platforms and battery factories - with one caveat.

Mercedes wants to go all-electric "wherever market conditions permit", which is not defined more precisely in the automaker's announcement - Europe and North America are likely to be included, Latin America probably not. The classification of China is likely to be exciting. "China is to play a key role in Mercedes-Benz's accelerated electric strategy," Daimler writes in the announcement - but does not explicitly confirm whether or not the conversion is to take place there before 2030.

Specifically, it confirmed what has already become apparent based on the current and announced EQ models: starting in 2022, Mercedes-Benz plans to offer battery-electric vehicles in all segments in which the brand is active. "Electromobility is gaining momentum - especially in the luxury segment, where Mercedes-Benz is at home," says Daimler CEO Ola Källenius. "The tipping point is approaching, and we will be ready when the markets switch completely to electric cars by the end of the decade."

This year will see the debut of the EQS based on the new Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA), while the Mercedes Modular Architecture is due to arrive in 2024 as a mixed platform for compact cars - this will be developed with an e-focus, but can also accommodate internal combustion engines.

Three new e-platforms in 2025

The MMA could then also become one of Daimler's last combustion engine-compatible platforms, as three new pure E platforms are set to make their debut in 2025. MB.EA covers all mid-sized and large passenger cars above the MMA and "will be the electric basis of the future BEV portfolio as a scalable modular system", according to Daimler. The AMG.EA electric platform, which is "designed for top performance", is intended for performance models and is aimed at "the needs of Mercedes-AMG's technology-savvy and performance-oriented customers". Electric vans and light commercial vehicles are to be launched on the market on the basis of the VAN.EA, which is also new. All other new platforms are also to be pure electric in the future.

"This step involves a fundamental reallocation of capital," says Källenius. "We want to make the accelerated transformation profitable and thus continue the Mercedes-Benz success story in a new era. I am convinced that we will succeed in this with our highly qualified and highly motivated workforce." Källenius is sticking to the already known profitability targets despite (or possibly because of) the accelerated transformation.