Citroën announces PHEV crossover C5 X

Citroën announces PHEV crossover C5 X

Citroën is reviving its C5 - as a crossover model C5 X. The new model features a design that is said to "cleverly combine typical attributes of sedan, station wagon and SUV". The Citroën C5 X, which is built on the EMP2 platform, will also be launched with plug-in hybrid drive. There is also speculation about an E version at a later date.

In terms of bodywork, the French are following a similar path to the compact model C4 and its e-derivative ë-C4: the conventional mid-size model - offered in Europe as a sedan and station wagon until 2017 - is now becoming a crossover. Citroën itself speaks of the "elegance of a sedan, the dynamics of a station wagon and the raised body shape of an SUV".

The new C5 - as a crossover with the addition of the name "X" - will then only be available in this one body style. The front is reminiscent of the design of the C4, the side view of the C5 X could pass as a slightly higher off-road station wagon. For the real utility of a station wagon, however, the rear window drops flat very early. With 545 liters according to the VDA standard, the trunk is quite large, but the VDA standard only measures up to the edge of the window. With the rear seat back folded down, the cargo volume is 1,640 liters. A "real" SUV is not supposed to be the C5 X, because here is already the C5 Aircross (also as a PHEV) offered.

Unlike the C4/ë-C4, which is based on the CMP platform, the C5 X is based on PSA/Stellantis' EMP2. Theoretically, e-drives would also be possible here, but PSA has so far only used this option for vans such as the Opel Zafira-e Life and its siblings. The C5 X is therefore more comparable to SUV models such as the Opel Grandland X Hybrid or the Peugeot 508 sedan. However, "Auto, Motor und Sport" is already speculating about a ë-C5 X - although this would probably not use the familiar 100 kW drive of the e-CMP, but would be based on the new eVMP for vehicles in the C and D segments. However, this has not been confirmed.

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What is known: The PHEV drive of the EMP2 offers a system power of 165 kW and "more than 50 kilometers" pure electric WLTP range. The electric top speed is 135 km/h. In this configuration, the combustion engine produces 133 kW, the e-motor 81 kW. The battery comes to an energy content of 12.4 kWh. Whether Citroën will also bring further PHEV versions (still 133 kW system power and an all-wheel drive version with a second e-motor on the rear axle are possible) Citroën does not specify in the announcement.

The French also hold back on other technical data regarding the powertrain. Should the C5 X match its sister models here (such as the recently presented Peugeot 308), a 3.7 kW on-board charger would be fitted ex-works, with a 7.4 kW charger available as an option. With the latter, a full charge takes a little less than two hours, with the standard 3.7 kW charger it's 3:50 hours. On a standard 8 amp socket, Peugeot quotes 7:05 hours for a full charge. There is no optional DC charging option.