AvD and Smartlab launch "AvD Charge" charging service

AvD and Smartlab launch "AvD Charge" charging service

The car club AvD and Smartlab have launched a joint charging card called AvD CHARGe. Through the cooperation of Ladenetz.de Business-Partner with the Automobile Club of Germany, both members and non-members of the AvD can now charge their electric cars at 140,000 charging points in Europe at a special rate.

As is well known, the Aachen-based Smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft operates the Ladenetz.de network, through which mainly municipal utilities offer their public charging points. Ladenetz.de Business-Partner, on the other hand, is not about purely public charging points: companies with Ladenetz.de Business-Partner charging infrastructure offer their own employee or customer charging points as public charging points at certain times in their parking lots.

In the cooperation with the AvD, Smartlab uses the Ladenetz.de Business Partner product - this means that users of the AvD charging card not only get access to public charging points from Ladenetz.de, but also to the private charging points that the companies have connected to the Business Partner network. With further roaming agreements, more than 140,000 charging points in Europe can be used with "AvD Charge". The AvD is not planning its own charging app; here, Smartlab's Ladenetz.de app is to be used to find suitable charging stations and navigate to them if necessary.

Members of the car club receive discounted conditions here. At charging points of Ladenetz.de and Ladenetz.de Business Partner, the kilowatt hour costs €0.35 at AC columns, €0.42 at DC chargers. In roaming, it is €0.45/kWh (AC) and €0.55/kWh (DC). In addition, there is a monthly card fee of €1.99, there is no time component or blocking fee in the tariff.

Non-members pay 3.99 euros per month for the card and are charged slightly more per kilowatt hour. The regular price is 0.40 €/kWh (AC) and 0.50 €/kWh (DC). In roaming it is 0.55 €/kWh (AC) and 0.60 €/kWh (DC). For non-members, "blocking or idle time fees are charged accordingly", according to the AvD. However, their amount is not mentioned.