Arrival and Uber create e-vehicle for ridehailing

Arrival and Uber create e-vehicle for ridehailing

British electric vehicle developer Arrival is partnering with ride-hailing company Uber to build an electric car specifically for ride-hailing services, which is expected to go into production in the third quarter of 2023. However, the electric car is unlikely to be exclusive to Uber.

According to an accompanying announcement, the "Arrival Car" will be an "affordable, purpose-built electric vehicle for ridehailing services" and will be based on Arrival's own Small Vehicle Platform, which Arrival mentioned a few months ago in an investor presentation ahead of its recent IPO. There are no technical specs yet, though Arrival is releasing some renderings of the planned vehicle.

According to this, Arrival is taking a relatively minimalist approach to design - similar to the startup's two previously announced e-vehicles, the Arrival Van and the Arrival Bus. Arrival only unveiled the current version of its e-van at the beginning of March and also revealed some technical data. The near-production version differs significantly from the renderings shown in 2020. Shortly after the van in the summer, Arrival's first e-bus is to go into test use in the fall - with the operator First Bus in the United Kingdom.

But back to the now-announced collaboration with Uber: the Arrival Car will involve Uber drivers in the design process "to ensure that this new vehicle meets their needs," with the final design to be unveiled before the end of the year. However, citing direct information from Arrival, the portal Electrek reports that the Arrival Car is not currently intended as an exclusive vehicle for Uber.

However, the British-American collaboration is not limited to the planned vehicle anyway: In a memorandum of understanding, Arrival and Uber have fixed that they will also explore a strategic partnership in key markets such as Great Britain, the European Union and the U.S. However, they do not get more precise.